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Lets face it, eyewear is more than an aide for vision, it's a first impression that acts as an extension of who you are. Glasses are a unique way to express your personality and style in a subtle tone. There’s definitely an art to picking out the right pair of glasses that fits your lifestyle. Eyeglasses are unique and individual to the person and our opticians have years of training to help you find the perfect pair that represents you.

Eye health exams including glaucoma and cataracts screening.

Treat, Diagnose, & Consult.

We provide complete eye care for both adults and children. Beyond a  thorough refractive examination to determine a spectacle prescription,  our medical eye care service also includes diagnosis and treatment of  eye diseases.

Our comprehensive vision exam includes: checking visual acuity,  refraction, binocular vision and ocular health. We can diagnose  refractive conditions including far-sightedness, near-sightedness,  astigmatism and presbyopia; strabismus (misaligned eyes), amblyopia  (lazy eye), oculomotor dysfunction and conditions involving the health  of the eyes.

Certain health problems can affect your vision. Our optometrists specialize in ocular diseases including dry eye, glaucoma,  cataracts, macular degeneration, hypertension, high cholesterol and  diabetes. Patients with health problems, especially diabetes, should get  their eyes examined every year due to the increased risk of blindness.

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A full service optical boutique devoted to providing quality eye care in a comfortable, yet stylish setting. Our goal is to provide a lifetime of visual health and wellness to our community, improving each patient with the highest possible quality of vision and subsequent quality of life.

Regular eye examinations are an important part of maintaining your best possible vision and eye health. At Optic Shades the visual needs and wellness of each patient will always be our priority.

Our website provides a wealth of information about vision and eye health. Explore our site to learn about the professional eye care  services we offer to current and new patients.

Come meet our optometrists and opticians. Call or email us for an appointment today. We’re  here to meet your every eye care need.